Amanda with her Dad's sock over her head and Jimbugs in her pocket

From inside her pocket came Jimbugs muffled voice. “Now turn around three times saying...

Fizzle me gumbo, zappy baloo, I want your socks, but just one, not two.

When Amanda was finished she wasn't quite sure which way she was going.

Jimbugs peeked out of the pocket. “OK, now walk ten steps forward, then turn left and keep going.”

After a while they started going down. Further and further they went and Amanda could hear a faint noise in the distance. As it grew louder the path became smooth and even; although she had to crouch quite low so she wouldn't keep banging her head.

“You can uncover your eyes now,” said Jimbugs, “and take me out of your pocket. It's stuffy in here and I'm covered in lint. And you'll have to go down on your knees. You are much too big to enter our workshop.”